Today I am featuring an infographic found on Pinterest setting forth 10 promises Special Educators (and teachers!) should make to their student’s parents.

The infographic was produced by the Autism Society of North Carolina and was based on a list developed by Think Inclusive.

I like this list, though some of the promises are basic professionalism issues that all professionals in any field should engage in as a matter of course (be respectful? communicate regularly? um, well, yes.).

The fact that someone thought they needed to be considered here is a sad commentary about the perception of some educator’s professional values. Happily we have not had experiences which would require this promises be made.

These are fundamental strategies, and the list is a good reminder tool for both special educators and parents.

My favorite is number 10:

“I promise to have high expectations for your child and never give up on them … or you.”

To me this captures the global nature of special education – the two-steps-forward-one-step-off-to-the-side kind of process that can happen; the leaps forward, the inexplicable drops back; the long-term forward momentum that can only be seen over time, not in day-to-day snapshots; along with the respect and regular communication that should be an integral part of the process.