While I write from the perspective of a non-autistic mother of a child on the autism spectrum, I also highly value content developed by autistic people – blogs, videos, books, etc. – which I refer to collectively as “Autism First Voices.”

After the voice of my son (which is also featured on this page), Autism First Voices are the first voices I want to consult for guidance and suggestions to best support my son.

This page contains links to explore different kinds of content created by Autism First Voices – books, art, videos, blogs, including

A selection of YouTube channels by autistic YouTubers

A link to a site containing reviews of books on autism by an autistic adult

A link to a list of books by autistic authors, and

Compiled by Kaelan Rhywiol at

A link to the Art of Autism site

Art: “Angry Ship” by the Navigator (my son), used with permission – Link connects with the Art of Autism site

These are not all inclusive, as great content is being produced every day!

Blogs by Autistics

A wonderfully comprehensive list of blogs written by autistic people called the Actually Autistic Blogs List was compiled in 2016 and is still being updated.

It includes both blogs that are no longer active (but may still be of value to readers) as well as current and active blogs on a variety of topics.

Parenting Blogs

Perspectives and resources for and by autistic parents parenting autistic children include:


Aspergers like me 

Autistic Motherland

Writings from autistic motherhood

Autism From a Father’s Point of View

My name is Stuart Duncan and I am the father of 2 great boys, Cameron (Autistic) and Tyler, his younger brother. It wasn’t until my oldest son was diagnosed with autism that I recognized many similarities between us that lead to the eventual diagnosis of Aspergers for myself at the age of 36.

Hello Michelle Swan

Michelle is an Australian writer and neurodiversity rights advocate, with a background in education and psychology. Michelle is part of a neurodiverse family, with neurodivergences including autism, bipolar, depression, anxiety, sleep challenges and sensory sensitivities. Michelle identifies as Autistic.

Seriously Not Boring

My name is Jennifer Roberts Bittner. Life with my family is definitely “Not Boring.” My hope is to always learn something new through all the twists and turns of this journey as we laugh, love, work, and play.

Autism In His Words – The Voice of My Son

The best resource for understanding our son’s needs is our son. Asking him what he is feeling, what he needs, and what he wants often leads to the best strategies for all of us. 

In the side bar and below are articles and the first of several videos he wants to do, discussing issues and ideas from his perspectives and “in his words.”

The Navigator’s thoughts on video games

The Navigator’s advice for someone who was just diagnosed with autism