I have loved Star Trek since I was a child watching the original series in syndication.

I love its positive focus on the future, focus on the best of humanity, and vision of the accomplishments we can achieve.

I can watch episodes again and again and get something new each time.

As I began parenting, and more specifically, parenting an autistic child, I realized there were connections and lessons I could make through Star Trek, many of which I shared as articles on this blog.

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In 2018 I released a book of how we used Star Trek episodes to better understand autism characteristics.

To Explore Strange New Worlds: Understanding Autism Through a Star Trek Lens was published by Passageway Press, with cover art by Nathan Alan McConnell of Growing Up Aspie.


Moms Going Boldly is two moms who are Star Trek fans, and who also happen to write about autism, talking about the new Star Trek: Discovery television series.

If you enjoy Star Trek and have been watching the new series (because spoilers!), Vickie of Taking it a Step at a Time and I invite you to join us!

We make comparisons to the older series, 

the movies, and throw in a little bit of autism when we see it. It’s not polished, it won’t come out regularly, but we’re having fun!

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If you are interested in watching Star Trek: Discovery with your child, please note that it is rated TV-MA and there are some scenes not suitable for younger children. Please click here to learn more.

Star Trek Memes

Time And Relative Dimension In Space

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