After blogging on Autism Mom for coming up on five years, I have decided it is time for a change and I will no longer be actively running the site.

I am ready to move on to other things and am going on a blogging hiatus, or a sabbatical, whichever you prefer. I don’t know for how long or when I may start writing on Autism Mom again – I may decide to come back to it again sometime in the future. Or I may not. I will see how I feel.

When I spoke to my son about going on hiatus, he was concerned. He wanted to make sure that the helpful information available on the site would still be available online to others who may need it, and suggested I keep the site live, even though I would no longer be actively on it.

I had two thoughts when he said that:

That’s a great idea and

My son thinks the site is helpful – that’s the best kudo I could ask for

With his encouragement, the Autism Mom site will stay live online, but I will be shutting down my social media outlets and newsletter, and the website will be the only online presence.

The most important thing I want to say is this:


I am so grateful to the readers of Autism Mom for their insights, support, kindness, and friendships.

I am grateful to the online community of readers, bloggers, writers, and others who courageously share often highly personal and difficult details of their lives so that others may learn.

I have loved the friendships that have blossomed through blogging, which will last long after my little blog is gone.

I am deeply grateful to those who took time to read and comment, and to those who shared articles with friends and loved ones.

It has been a wonderful journey, thank you for sharing it with us.