This is a brief interview of the Navigator from almost five years ago when I wanted to see what his thoughts and feelings were about his autism diagnosis.

A couple of years later, I had him re-read these statements and asked him if he wanted to change anything.

He said everything was still true and there was only one change. Recently, I asked about these again, and he had several changes which are in purple.

It feels good to have autism because I am kind of smart in many ways and not smart in other ways.

Autism is kind of scary. This is still a little bit true

The most difficult thing about autism is that it is difficult to get friends because I can’t figure out how to pick up expressions on faces and I also have trouble with just being nice. This is a little bit still true

The best thing about having autism is that I can do things that other people might not be able to do, like wiggling my ears and wiggling my eyebrows. I can crack my neck. I can act like a dinosaur. I can look like a skinny person with my neck or a fat person.

Sometimes I slouch. 

I am smarter than people at dinosaurs, extremely, and I know a lot about science and whales and birds, including flightless birds. I am not really into whales anymore

I don’t really like singing, except “Happy Birthday” – I don’t like singing hard, complex songs. This is not true anymore

I hate math. It is difficult, though my mom says I am very good at it. I don’t like doing math problems and adding on my fingers doesn’t always work.  

I am extremely good at reading and I love reading. I like to read anything. I even read high school dinosaur books that are more than 200 pages long.  

My favorite thing about my life is dinosaurs and paleontology. If I could change anything in my life it would be dinosaurs being extinct. My two favorite things are now dinosaurs and gaming

He added these statements:

I didn’t like it when my mom pretended to see Slenderman in the garage.

I love to hug our cat. Now I miss her a lot

I love the AutCraft server.