The Navigator has been playing video games online for years.

First, he played Minecraft on his own in single player. Then he found YouTube, which introduced him to a many kinds of games, including Minecraft servers.

When he was ready to play on a server, I signed him up for Autcraft where he learned what a truly safe and pleasant online environment could and should be.

Soon he was ready for more challenges, and he expanded outward, trying new games and learning how to manage early access games through the Steam site.

Here are his thoughts about

  • current favorite games,
  • the ones he recommends for people starting out with video games, and
  • what he thinks is the best place to play online

You can get more information about these games and locations via the following links:

Subnautica – This is a beautifully rendered game which can be played in creative or survival mode. Videos for this game are blocked in YouTube’s “restricted access” mode due to the scariness of some of the sea creatures.

Space Engineers – This is a complex building game that requires an understanding of three-dimensional space and physics.

Minecraft – This is a popular, and easy to learn game which allows players to be in “creative” mode which is safe from scary monsters; or to set the game to survival and be challenged by the monsters. Common Sense Media has a selection of Minecraft articles, and articles about my experiences playing the game can be found here.

Autcraft – The Minecraft server for people on the autism spectrum and their friends and families has been in existence for years, and offers a safe environment without bullying, trolling, or griefing.

Portal – Common Sense Media recommends Portal be played by children age 12 and up.

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