The Navigator is of a generation for whom 9/11 is history. While I have a vivid memory of the day, the horrible details and painful emotions, what he knows of it is through others’ eyes.

When he was very little I dreaded telling him about 9/11, hating to take away his innocence with the terrible story.

However, now he has taken his understanding of the compassion, duty, and honor of the day and turned it into art. 

I think he has learned the lesson of history well.

This is a poem he wrote on the anniversary of 9/11 – for this day when we remember.


We all woke to our morning routines

Just to hear that the twin towers have been hit by terrorists!

This was a shock to all of us Americans

But thankfully fire fighters and police came ‘a runnin’ into the fire and rubble.

Even when the buildings collapsed they went in and saved lives.

These are true heroes.

Many lives were lost that day.

But we never forget the ones who stayed.