We have two maple trees in our yard. They are nice-sized trees, silver bark, lovely green in the summer, blazing golden in the fall.

In the spring, though, they drop “helicopter” seeds. Millions of them. Everywhere.

Apparently they are edible and can be incorporated into meals. However, we are really not inclined to eat maple seed chili, and so they end up being a messy nuisance in the yard.

Which means I bring out the leaf blower.

As a rule, I prefer a rake for general yard cleaning. The leaf blower is noisy and takes energy – a rake is quiet and it’s all on me to power it.

But the blower is a good tool for big jobs and it pretty much gets used only twice a year – fall leaf clean up, and spring helicopter seed control.

Even though I don’t use it for long, I like to have ear protection when I use the leaf blower because the noise is unpleasant (I am sure long term exposure would probably do damage).

I had recently received some cool new earplugs – the nice folks at Vibes had suggested they might be a good tool for the Navigator to use for noise sensitivity.

I had planned that he could use them when we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, but I decided to try them out first with the leaf blower.

They were the Hi-Fidelity Earplugs that Vibes offers, and they worked great! They were very comfortable and faded out the noise of the leaf blower while not making me feel like my ears were wrapped in a plastic bag.

I always carry earplugs in my purse because I want to be prepared if we ever find ourselves in a situation where the Navigator needs relief from loud noises and noise sensitivity.

We have tried out several kinds of earplugs, from the squishy expandable foam kind (also great for leaf blowers, but too much sound blocking for him) to multi-tiered noise-blocking ones (too large for his ears to be comfortable).

It took a long time to find the best ones for him, and when we found them I made sure they had a special place for them in my purse.

When we did go see Guardians of the Galaxy, I gave him the option of which earplugs he wanted to use and he chose the new Vibes. He wore them for the few minutes of the previews (which always seem to be uncomfortably loud); then he took them out and did not use them for the main film viewing (which is what he usually does).

When I asked him what he thought, he said that they were comfortable, they reduced the noise well, and that he would wear them again.

There are a lot of things we do to help keep our son comfortable – it might be getting to a movie early so he is not anxious arriving in a crowd.

It might be going through multiple kinds of earplugs until we find ones that work for him and he is willing to wear.

When we do find things like that, we hang on to them. The Vibes earplugs now have a place in my purse, as well.

Update – Watch news coverage on Vibes

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